who?, what?, where?, when?, and why?
the questions you where taught to ask in grade school still apply.


Maybe the man of the house is lined up with the TV but no one else can view comfortably and perhaps there's glare on the screen. Maybe your bedroom is crowded, and no matter which bed in a bag you purchase it never really all ties together. You've got lots of pictures but no idea how to group or place 
them. He wants, she wants-you need a solution and not on going argument.

Where do you start?

Our first appointment would review the "problem". Most people can identify a look they like, or a comfortable color palette. But where do you start? Does the carpet come before the wall color? Does the area rug come before the sofa? What furniture arrangement works best? How do I work with the pieces I own?


When we've help establish a "plan of attack" with sensible phases and time frames you will not be so overwhelmed by the "I wants" which seem to over ride the budget. Maybe it's a month to month or a year to year plan. The concept is to only spend money on the furnishings that make the most sense and build on them?


We offer solutions "outside the box". Most home owners get a little tunnel vision regarding decor and arrangements. We can re-purpose your pieces, suggest budget sensible ideas for the areas you want to work on. We can save you the cost of one or many wrong purchases. We have sources that you're not exposed to. And we can save you the time and hassle of shopping on your own.


Serving Stanislaus and San Joaquin counties since 1991, DJ Designs owns and occupies a 1200 square foot office in Western Business Park, which is staffed Monday through Friday 9:30 to 5:00. We are available any time by appointment. We find in home consultation most productive, enabling us to come face to face with the project and space.


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